Social Wall Feeds

Completion time: March, 2023
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This is a different kind of feed plugin unlike others. It combines posts from all individual feed plugins into one single feed and call itself a Wall feed. The company has 5 different feed plugins which are Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, YouTube Feed, Twitter Feed, and Tiktok Feed plugin. This Social Wall plugin is a members only Pro plugin and comes with a All Access bundle purchase.

As like others, the user interface of this plugin was also built with WordPress Settings UI back in 2018 and the user interface was ugly and outdated. Hard to intaract with the feed plugins and difficult to customize the appearance. So it was needed a revamp too. And this time, only React was used to build the user interface for the plugin pages. Now look at the design below for the new plugin pages.

I used to @wordpress/scripts which is commonly referred to as wp-scripts, is a set of configuration files and scripts that primarily aims to standardize and simplify the development process of WordPress projects that require a JavaScript build step.

I was the lead developer on this project from start to finish. As a part of the team, my contributions were recognised and my old profile picture can be found on the About page image 2nd from the right.

The project was a success and after the v2.0 release on May 2022.
I have continued developing and managing the plugin since then and keep adding new features and squashing bugs.