Feeds for YouTube

Completion time: October, 2022
Project URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/feeds-for-youtube/

It’s one of the most popuplar YouTube feeds plugin on WordPress.org site. It let’s the users to display YouTube feeds from any public channel, playlist, live streams, and single videos. The videos can be displayed using various layouts like masonry, carousel, grid and list type.

But the plugins’ UI wasn’t very intuitive since the plugin first released in 2018. The plugin settings page was too basic in design and it was built with the WordPress Settings API. So it was needed to revamp the plugin admin pages with latest technology. Let’s take a look at the old plugin admin pages first.

The design team came up with innovations and designed a modern UI for the plugin. The next part was for me to develop the UI with both Vue.js on some pages and React for some other pages as per the requirement and decisions from the management. I was the lead developer on this project and developed it from the scratch. The challenging part was to keep the support for the legacy version users and data but change the UI completely with new framework in the UI.

Take a look at the updated designs for the plugins.

Since this plugin was already actively installed on more than 50k websites on 2022 when I started on this project so the first priority was to make sure that nothing should be broken for legacy users. Everything should be working as expected for the existing users of the plugin.

The requirement was to create the All Feeds page and it’s Feed Customizer with Vue.js and Settings, About, and Support pages with React.js

As a part of the team, my contributions were recognised and my old profile picture can be found on the About page image 2nd from the right.

The project was a success and after the v2.0 release on October 2022, the active downloads of the plugin is now over 100k as of 2024 from 50k in 2022. I have continued developing and managing the plugin since then and keep adding new features and squashing bugs.